About Sly & Sons

Sly & Sons is an independent coffee roaster operating out of Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.

We are a small team of passionate coffee-lovers on a mission to roast the best coffee we can and provide it to everyone looking to make the most out of their lives. We aim to roast coffees that are complex yet approachable, suitable for the coffee novice and connoisseur alike.
We’re family men who love our families and have a true passion to see others care for their loved ones too. What we aim to do with our coffee is to provide people with the anchor to their daily rhythms and routines that help them also be present and active with those around them and not just float through life unintentionally.
Yeah, we’re little aspirational, but it’s our north star; the goal that drives every decision we make and keeps us inspired to keep doing what we do.

Why even look for better coffee?

Some people think being refined is pretentious. But that’s not always the case. In fact, refinement is anything but. It’s about wanting things to be better and working without the fear of failure to make it happen. So, how do you start to refine your life and work toward a better one? You start strong.
The most important step toward “better” is always the first. It means you’ve shown up and are ready to make change happen. Well, we’re here to help make your first step the best it can be.

We’re not just roasting coffee. This is more than just refining your palette. We’re helping you refine your morning, your day, your routine, your rhythms—intentionally making better coffee is the first step to intentionally refining your life.

More than just a jolt of caffeine, a great cup of coffee is a catalyst, supercharging the momentum you need to be your best. We’ve seen this in our own lives and have come to enjoy life just a little more; fuelled by coffee that gets us out of bed and on our way to a better day.

Any coffee can wake you up, but not every coffee is one you’d wake up for.
Start your life on the right foot, we're here to help you make it your best step yet.

The Boys Behind The Beans



Sly and Sons Coffee Roaster co-founder, Mark Sylvester

Mark Sylvester

My first coffee was a classic double-double from a place that rhymes with Rim Tortons—all cream and sugar, no coffee. It wasn’t until I was living in LA that I had a Sweet Bloom Colombian pour over that really opened my eyes to the world of coffee.

I’d never experienced real flavour in coffee; the fruitiness, the clarity—I was instantly hooked and spent my days after that coffee crawling the city looking for another cup of goodness.

When I moved to Toronto, I started roasting for myself because I couldn’t find anything at the time that was near what I had tasted in LA and have been roasting, testing, cupping, and flavour profiling coffee ever since!

Sly and Sons Coffee Roaster co-founder, Rony Mikhael

Rony Mikhael

Cramming for my grade 9 exams back in Kuwait, I was introduced to my first "coffee"—a something-or-other Frappuccino. I moved to Canada the next year and quickly dove deep into a habit of drinking about 7 cups of Tim Horton's coffees a day.

It wasn't until I met Matt Taylor, Katie Browne, and Shannon Stone who made me my first crafted coffee (a flat white) out of Frankie, a 1969 Bailey Travel Trailer. I quickly became entrenched in the world of coffee in all its wonderful forms.

Now I'm perpetually on the hunt to find the best coffee I can, wherever I am, planning much of my days around the coffee I'll be enjoying; I'm thankful to be able to help others enjoy it too!