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Get Your Hands on a Better Cup of Coffee

Any coffee can wake you up, but not 
every coffee is one you’d wake up for.

About Sly & Sons

Coffee Subscriptions

Save money and the heartache of running out of coffee—join the Sly & Sons Coffee Club!

Step 1. Choose the Roast
Just choose the roast you want to receive or select Roaster's Choice for a surprise!

Step 2. Choose the Frequency
How often would you like to receive coffee? Every 2 weeks? 4? 6? Up to you.

Step 3. Choose the Amount
Get 2 to 4 bags delivered at a time.

Green Beans Right From The Source

As a coffee roaster that values transparent sourcing, all of our coffee comes through either direct trade or fair trade relationships so we can better support and directly invest in the coffee farms and the lives of the farmers. We believe coffee should bring people together and can be a win-win for everyone.

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Coffee Gear

Mugs, brewers, filters, oh my! Get the gear you need to make some great coffee.

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